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    It’s really fascinating how misunderstood this business still is even by the most experienced pros. (I don’t know everything either, but I have learned through trial and error) Most people will live an entire life and never fully understand how this business works. It is a very complicated business though. There are are just so many tems and every single one of them is misunderstood by the majority:
    -Royalty Free
    -Performance royalty free
    -Back end
    -Neighbouring Rights
    -Sub Publisher
    -Original Publisher
    -Sync Rights
    -Master and Sync
    -sync fees
    -music license
    -up front sync license
    -sync agent
    -stock music site
    -RF site
    -buy out
    -reversion clause

    Ask 20 different “pros” in this business and they will not be able to agree on what any of these terms mean above. When all is said and done, this is a complicated business and it takes years and years and years to understand these terms.

    And Yes, I too have made substantial royalties “on the back end” from some very high profile placements where the the music was sourced from web sites where you’d least expect that to happen. The music licensing landscape has changed drastically over the last 7 years. Owning and controlling 100% of your writers share and 100% publishing share is more important than ever. NE deals are still fine in my book and it’s an overt lie when music libraries state “our clients are demanding that we only offer exclusive music in our castalog.” That is a LIE! 100% false statement. I have had literally thousands of placesments with my 100% Non Exclusive music air on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, BRAVO, Discovery, ESPN, BTN, USA Network, HBO, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and all of them, to this day it’s still happening.

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    Thanks for taking the time to provide that information. That was very kind of you and very helpful. Also, thanks Michael, Art, and Music 1234 for the follow-up dialogue about royalty-free and performance-free companies. It’s all very helpful!



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    Composer Of Notes

    Hi Matt; Had a quick listen. really nice stuff! I suggest that if you are approaching libraries, you need to cut down the intros to like nothing. I t wouldn’t be hard to remix and edit the songs just for that purpose. If you’re looking to get on TV or commercials, you have to get right to the point, and the people screening don’t have 8 bars of time to waste! Of course you can also have your artist versions with the intros as well. And the suggestion to make instrumental versions is good too.

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