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    Does anyone have any experience with this service?
    https://www.identifyy.com (aka Haawk)

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    Good, bad, indifferent?

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    pretty much the same experience as working with AdRev (the Haawk founder actually founded and then sold AdRev for millions), but a slightly better rate.

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    Ryan Born

    Hello MLR. I’m the founder of HAAWK, Inc. We offer full-service YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights Manager (including FB and Instagram) administration services via the HAAWK brand and self service user generated video rights management under the Identifyy brand. Self-service means you do the uploading and metadata entry and the contract is a click through agreement to the Terms of Use of identifyy.com . Full service is for those that have larger catalogues (250 tracks and up) and need custom solutions / agreements. Happy to address any questions, feel free to reach me directly anytime. I’m at firstname(at)haawk.com .

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    Stephen KIng

    I am a representative of Record Audio Inc.
    which have register musics more than 100 sound recording since 09/October/2018. and First quarter of 2019 have registered sound recording 1200 tracks. The tracks are exclusively but you guy reject payment all even you took 30% revenue share. No suitable resolution for this issue. You should be honesty in business and with clients.

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    scott mehrens

    wondering why you put a copyright claim on my 9 year old original song? i

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