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    Been thinking about signing up for this. $90.00 for 30 classes seems to good to be true. Have not done this before, so would like some feedback on these sort of things. Have any of you signed up for this? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Hi GaryW,

    I have signed up for these classes. I was thinking about which class to choose, there are many of them offered nowadays, and while I was hesitating, this one was announced. I admire Hans Zimmer creative approach to scoring and its interesting to listen to the master and study his method of composing. Also I`ve heard that there will be opportunity to send your work and get feedback from the classmates and teachers. Another thing I like is that you are not bounded by exact time frames and you can listen to the course whenever you wish. (I personally will have a vocation when the course starts.)

    Hope it will be nice!

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    …would like some feedback on these sort of things

    Hey Gary –

    I’ve tested two paths – one is with video tutorials like what you’re looking at right now and the other is hiring folks with much more skill and experience than me, in various areas, to come to my home studio and teach me.

    Although the second option was much more expensive, it accelerated my understanding and skill much greater and quicker than the videos -which are helpful in a limited way.

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    Hey, for only $90 I think it will be at least fun to watch!

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    I’m in. For $90, I can’t fathom watching that much exclusive footage of Hans Zimmer and not getting something, anything out of it. Heck, even the 2 minute trailer was noteworthy!

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    Chuck Mott

    Sorry blew my allowance for stuff like this on Artist Work’s Chuck Loeb Advanced Jazz Guitar Lessons. Complete with video submission reviews of your playing. I agree it should be interesting to watch. Deadmau5 is doing something for EDM.

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    I was on the fence about this as well, I’ve got plenty of real world experience to draw from…

    After some thought though I realized this really is kind of a cool opportunity that’s somewhat unique to the time we live in… It’s one thing to take a class, but being able to go back and re-visit it later, whether it’s for ideas or inspiration is kind of awesome. I figure even if I don’t learn any new tricks it would be really fun just to have a peek into his though process…

    My only curiosity is if the price is only for pre-enrollment… It’d be a shame to find out if that’s just a registration price, with additional costs not yet mentioned…

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    Just confirmed with them that $90.00 is the total price for the class. No extra charges

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    Thanks Gary. I just received a confirmation from them today stating the same thing… Looking forward to this.

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