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    Hi all,
    I would like to know if someone have had an experience about this offer ?
    Thank you

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    Great service.Jesse is straight up guy who tells it as it is. I signed up with them in 2017. I got a few tracks on a couple of their albums which helped pay for part of my membership.
    I also got one track picked up by a top tier library thru him. Learned a lot during my membership and plan on rejoining soon. I think there’s now an application to see if the service is right for you so you don’t waste your time & money.

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    I’m not handing over a thousand dollars to anyone no matter how much of an expert they claim to be.

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    Thank you Guscave for your interesting feedback. So he has his own library company ?
    I am sure Jesse is good but, as maxpower, I think the price is expensive, except if you can cover the membership partially.

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    Thank you Guscave for your interesting feedback. So he has his own library company ?

    He’s not a library. Basically he puts out albums each month that he sends to his distributors. He doesn’t share in any of your royalties. If a library decides they want your track, you’ll have the choice of weather signing or not.

    You’re basically paying for the course and mentorship. $1k may sound like a lot of money but I know guys spending way more on formal audio schools and don’t get the real world experience you get from someone already doing it for a living.

    For me it was worth it. Your miles may vary… 😉

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    I wish much success to all!

    To all that have found success using “any” of the various companies, and paid services that are out here. Congratulations!

    I personally had to go about this a very hard way, and took a lot of bumps, and lessons along the way.

    I did find out some things that I will give here freely. That is:

    Work HARD at developing a style/styles that will get you into the better libraries. Once you have started having some success with getting placements, “Parlay it into getting into even better libraries”. This business is primarily about building a track record, being able to show success through numbers of placements; and in my instance what better libraries that are cataloging your compositions & songs.

    Be FEARLESS (and very respectful in your fearlessness!!) in approaching libraries. Networking is essential, and using social media sites has been crucial in my success!!

    If you believe in yourself, your skill-set, and your talent. Do not give up!!

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