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    Hi all – I’ve been hawking MLR for some time, but this is my first post. Thanks for all the great info! I’m currently cringing and would appreciate any advice:

    I have a cue being used for 90 seconds every hour on Nick Jr. as part of a “Monster Truck Trivia” promo. It has been airing for about 4 months every other commercial break!
    I contacted the library that placed it and they said there was no sync and any PRO back-end will only come if it happens to air during an ASCAP sample survey.

    Tunesat doesn’t monitor Nick JR and I’ve never used Competitrack, but I assume it is considered a promo and might not show up — and I didn’t even see Nick Jr. on their list.

    Does anyone know a way I can possibly make money on this placement? Worst case scenario, is sample survey promo money pennies even in heavy rotation?

    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!


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    Promo money is great on network, but I imagine Nick Jr is much much lower. Fingers crossed it shows up on a survey, might a nice 4 figure bump. But some channels are literally surveyed just twice a year, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic!

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    Thanks for your reply — it gave me a glimmer of hope! I have yet to receive a reply from ASCAP for 2 months now, so my hope is dwindling.

    Could have made my year, but instead I got gypped by lack of reporting and monitoring. Serious salt in the wounds considering I hear it every time I watch TV with my children!

    Thank you for the “4 figure bump” power of positive thinking!

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    Update: I just found out the last time Nick Jr was surveyed was in the early AM hours back in 2014!

    Looks like I am another case of too bad so sad. Bummer.

    Rounding Down:
    90 (days) x 12 (hours) = 1,080 plays

    1,080 (plays) x 1 (minute) = 1,080 minutes or 18 hours straight of music = $0

    I am typically positive about the give and take of landing promos and Scripps, but this….oof…this one hurts.

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    I can relate Shannon. I had a 23 second promo air over 2000 times on MSG (Madison Square Garden) and NHL channels last spring. I submitted a claim to ASCAP a month ago today with Tunesat audio and data. No reply yet, but I think it will be a waste of time.

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    @goldenear and @alan – sorry to read this! I’m also an ASCAP member and have cue sheets in my account right now that will never earn anything due to the survey/lack of air schedules from stations, etc per ASCAP.

    I’m still new to the cue game but stories like this are VERY disconcerting! Is this a similar scenario at BMI, SESAC or unique to ASCAP? For anyone with experience – is lack of earnings on a cue with this many uses “normal”?

    I understand the library game requires lots of cues but the scenario described by the OP seems even more of a gut punch if a writer’s songs are (hypothetically) signed exclusively, getting used, and still earning nothing.

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