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    Hello all,
    i’m a turntablist and music producer , i write mainly instrumentals with big hip hop style drums and cinematic/orchestral instruments. i’m in to trailer music but find this a pretty hard genre to write. started producing in the mid 90’s but took a very long break from music, now for the last 2 years i’ve been hard at it learning new music skills thanks to online courses.
    would love to get my tracks into some libraries again, the competition seems to fierce nowa days not sure if i stand much of a chance.


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    Greetings Keltech,

    When you say, “the competition seems to fierce nowadays not sure if i stand much of a chance” …hmmm…well you’re right about the fierce competition part, but I believe you would be better served were you to drop the latter part of your statement and start submitting your material to lib’s and see for yourself. You may be surprized.

    Some nice sounding material you have there. Good luck!


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    Hey Keltech. This is good stuff. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]
    I think we could potentially collaborate on some upcoming trailer projects I have in the works.
    (I mostly do trailer music these days)

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    thanks JT nice to meet you, i did send off to 3 companies that do exclusive music, 3 weeks in no reply. quite a few of the companies are saying on their site no submissions we have enough composers for now which gave me the impression their is a lot of competition.
    so now looking at the non exclusive sites. if I have any luck I’ll write back and stick a review up.

    Mark I’ve emailed you!

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