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    Hey good folks of MLR,
    Looking for some tips on this mix. It’s not an overly complicated heap of sound, but I can’t quite get the mix right and was hoping to get some advice. Obviously any critiques on the composition itself are always welcomed. Thanks in advance!

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    It’s A Pretty Piece!
    Couple/few things that caught me were.

    * The Piano and the Cello are you major issue. Piano (I like how it feels, kind of moody but) could brighten just a hair around 1.5k to 3k. being careful not to get “brittle”
    * The Cello is “floating around” by either panning effect, or the “throw” of the reverb. Cello’s don’t float.
    *There is “to me” a Lower-Mids “Tubby” thing going. You’ll get a lot more clarity rolling out some of those.
    * Possibly positioning the Cello slightly right (because it comes in first) and the lower-mid woodwinds (that get introduced later) slightly left. will give you the separation you need to clear that “center isle” a bit and let the piano and melody line come thru.

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    thanks for the feedback! Lots of good info here.

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