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    Hi ALL!!!

    Trying to find information about this – hopefully someone has a bit of experience. I run a boutique (small-ish) music library. Anyway, we’ve been introduced to a Post Super and they have 10-15 shows slated for Lifetime, Discovery, and some of the Scripps shows. They’re an Indie Production Company, so some of the shows (like DISC) are beholden to their own libraries however, the Lifetime shows et al are open to vendors like mine – granted they like the music:)

    HOWEVER, they typically do blanket license for use. I have no idea how to calculate or what market rate for something like this would be.

    I found a link to PRS’ rate equation ( but I’m not sure if this is high or low – or anything typical for the States and North America.

    I’ve heard of crazy deals for some of the indie regional shows where they don’t pay anything up front – that its all backend collection.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Would love to come in a bit low, but not undersell – and OFC not overbid!


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    I don’t have an answer to your question but I thought you might want to go back and edit out the name of the production company (and the pending deal details) so that company doesn’t possibly get overrun with calls from other composers 🙂

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    Thanks for the thought – now…. how do I do that?!

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    …how do I do that?!

    There is an “edit” option available (don’t know how long it’s available to access) when you log in. If you don’t see “edit” my guess is it’s timed-out. Maybe an email to the moderator?

    Oh and congrats on the opportunity – best of luck in getting the deal!

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    Hopefully you actually get a fee – unfortunately a lot of the competition is giving away their tracks these days. At the very least, I hope they don’t ask for half your publishing too!

    Best of luck with your bid!

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    Hi IDM do you have a link to your library? Blanket licences seem to be completely different across the board. I have a few experiences with blanket licensing in the UK but the figures are all over the place. I you talking about blanket licencing your library for one particular client?


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