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    So this guy who has a very simple website on various aspects of computer and internet stuff, (the site looks like something from 1995!) asked to license a track of mine as intro music for various YouTube videos he hopes to put up one day. I know what I would charge for a single use but any thoughts on multiple uses? Thanks!

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    I would go for the home run on a licensing fee because you will get literally cents on the streaming side of it.

    I hate to sound like a pessimist but it’s a reality in this business. I have my tracks on streaming commercials that get me less than one cent per hit.

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    Oh yeah, I know all about fraction of pennies per stream. I have music on Spotify and Pandora that remind of that all the time! This guy is very low level so I made an offer and we’ll see if he bites.

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    I remembered reading a post by a member here – Michael Nickolas – who published a book on industry licensing fees. I did a quick search with how much I could remember and found this. Hope it helps (with future negotiations).

    The Independent Artists Guide To Pricing Music

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    Michael Nickolas

    Thanks for remembering Paolo. That was six years ago and it’s not available anymore. I had a single use internet video listed at $94 back then, but like daveydad says, the question is what about multiple uses.

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