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    I do not look forward to the day when earnings start to drop year of over year.

    I always seem to be out ahead of the curve. Ended up there at the beginning when no one was writing for libraries, I was one of the first to get clobbered by having my music illegally put into a subscription plan (which I promptly torpedoed when I found out), I was getting my shows pulled out of broadcast and put into streaming before many of my colleagues. And now, finally, it’s happened. Royalties have been in a solid year of decline.

    This may be an anomaly. Honestly it’s too early to tell. But my shows and placements are going up at a fairly exponential level. However royalties have stagnated, softened, and are now down enough (25-35%) to make me sit up and notice. It was a harbinger for me when Disney Channel offloaded a huge portion of it’s catalog that played consistently over the decades on their channel to Amazon / Hulu, etc.. That was the shot over the bow…..

    How it will all shake out will take time to discern, but I am not nearly as optimistic about the potential as I once was. I know the biz. I’m not slacking. And although there are changes that seem to baffle, I’m still writing and trying. I used to tell young writers that it was a goldmine waiting to me mined. Now, that mine is looking suspiciously like a dark deep hole in the ground.

    We’ll see. Be I fear that I’m out ahead of many of you. I’ve had a huge amount of material transition out of solid network/cable play to streaming. The results are not pleasant. Often a 90% drop in payment compared to years of consistent cable payments. Ugly times…..

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    PPS – as a general comment : i have found that my beginning years had exponential growth similar to some of you. I have not quantized it like many of you but it seems similar. Unfortunately as time moved on, the financial growth became less and less percentage wise, while the placement growth continued to expand.

    I have only BMI and Streaming to point to in regards to the equation that does not compute for me. Beyond that, it makes no sense whatsoever.

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