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    Thanks Pat. Good advice and wise words.

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    My thought is it isn’t so much that paid courses necessarily teach you so much “more” than you can probably learn for free but that some people feel they learn “better” in some kind of structured situation that courses offer. Some people want to be able to monitor their progress as proof that they’re actually learning stuff where grabbing tidbits here and there and asking one off questions all the time isn’t enough. I’m kind of like that. If that is you, maybe try the sync course for $20 a month. If it works for you it would be worth it. If not you didn’t blow a $1000. From what I read you have 30days to try it out so there’s really not much to lose either way.

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    The main thing is: Answers should generally not be absolutes. Most things (or at least many) are not black and white, 100% bad or 100% good.

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    Great thread here, thanks for sharing. I’m going to slog it out by working on my craft and following some of the advice given here. I have no doubt it will be challenging but I think that is where the reward is. Its nice to find this kind of frank discussion in a free forum. I just renewed here for a month and will be going through the libraries per the suggestion by Beat.

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    Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I clicked that link to Jesse’s IMDB page, and he’s got 33 credits, not just two.

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    I’m sorry, but my IMDB page has hundreds of shows, and thousands of episodic placements on it. And I give info out for free to anyone who bothers to ask.

    You put all your library placements up on IMDB?

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    Xave Ryan

    Ditto on Sync Academy by Jesse. I’m not new to song writing but I’m very new to trying this sync stuff. I found Jesses site great value and you dont have to pay for the year in advance. The course are really well organized. He covers the different genres in their own section. And a very good section on what exactly sync is and how libraries tend to work.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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