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    Art Munson

    My BMI payment for Q2-2012 just landed in my account this morning and was wondering how other folks are doing as we travel this musical road together. Increase? Decrease? I was expecting a decrease but actually had an increase.

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    Hey Art, That’s good to hear. I’m with ascap and if you include the plus benefits they offer it was an increase, take them away and mine was almost identical to Q1.

    I have had about 5 quarterly payouts so far and I notice a pattern. 1st payout, next one doubled, third was almost identical, 4th doubled and this last one identical.

    Hmmmm, wouldn’t mind seeing it double each time but being new to this game I’ll take that pattern.

    Congrats on the increase!!

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    BMI fumbled the ball a bit on my transition from ASCAP. They didn’t transfer the titles in time for today’s distribution. I’ve been promised a special distribution between now and March to catch things up. They also owe some royalties for Q1 2012 for a cue that was mis-titled on the cue sheet by the producer. Never a dull moment!

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    I am disappointed, NBC prime time for some show pays really little. Just like cable.

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    No report shows up at my BMI page, does this mean there are no royalties for me this quarter or are there delays sometimes in their system? (Please tell me delays are possible or I stick my fingers in my ears and start singing really loudly…)

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    Art Munson

    No report shows up at my BMI page,

    Hmmm, I would think they would all be up at once but don’t know for sure. Here’s hoping something shows up for you Ulla!

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    i’m new to the game but have been making music for 20 plus years now..I just started getting royalties from my PRO and my second quarter of last year I got my first payout (less than a hundred) the next one tripled and the last quarter of 2012 (Jan payout) was 11 times the previous netting me almost a grand..I had a lot of placements show up on my PRO statement in 2012 and all of those were cable but they were popular shows and repeated often..I have NO idea what to expect from the next one but sure am happy all my hard work is starting to pay off…Jay

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    Mine was disappointing. I can fill up my gas tank with enough left over for some rusty razor blades.  🙂

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    For me, 1st one started coming in beginning of 2012 at $28. Then, gradually increasing & the last one just came in at $879. Kinda sucks that overseas writers have to wait 12-18 months for the backends to come in after broadcast but at least my US placements royalties have just started rolling in. Fingers crossed this growth continues.


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    Thanks Art, thats also what I thought. Maybe I get a surprise cheque in the mail next week! Hoping there were some reruns of some shows or some new placements… we’ll see! 😉

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