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    Does anyone know if there is some incentive for cue sheets to show the wrong amount of time a track is used. I am in the process of trying to get a cue sheet from an MTV production fixed as it lists my track was used for 1 second and it was actually used for over a minute. Today I just had a cue sheet show up that lists my track on a Fox Sports show for 20 seconds and it was actually used for a minute. After a while this is gonna add up and is quite frustrating. If it is an “in house” produced show – is there some incentive to show less music time usage to perhaps maintain a lower annual licensing rate per year with the PRO’s? Or is this just constant error?

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    First, were these placements through libraries? If so, your first approach should be to ask the library to look into it.

    Most likely these were purely typographical errors, nothing sinister.

    If these were not through libraries and you placed the tracks directly, then you may want to talk with your PRO and/or the production company.

    Do you have proof such as a Tunesat detection or video recording? You might want to contact your PRO about sending them the proof and seeing if they will intervene and get it fixed with the production company. If it was through a library, as I said, deal with them first, sending them the proof.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah I hear you. I actually go about trying to get these cue sheets fixed frequently. Had two of them fixed this year. But now there is two more with errors. They are through a library but this particular library never seems to respond to inquiries about unfiled or mistakes on cue sheets. So I either go through ASCAP (they actually reached out to the production company for cue sheets for me for an episode of UFC Ultimate Insider on Fox Sports) – I think they only did this because it was uncovered they hadn’t turned in any cue sheets for an extremely long time. Or I contact the production company directly – I had success with that for an episode of 106 & Park on BET – and there were five cues used for a long period of time so it was worth it.

    Now on the other hand my other tv library is good about reaching out for cue sheets so that’s usually an easier fix.

    When it gets difficult with contacting libraries for help is when a cue sheet is not turned within a year or so and it’s a non-exclusive cue with multiple libraries. That’s where I’ve just taken it into my own hands – I’m always polite and have had some success with it about maybe a third of the time.

    Art were at least at one point working to get cue sheet issues fixed that you were seeing – have you had any successes with that lately?

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    You’d think it would be in a library’s best interest to help you with something like this since the money is half theirs as well. But if they won’t help, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

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