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    I’m happy that Tunesat is reporting that a song of mine is being played three times in an infomercial showing on CBS at 2am, and the infomercial has been running once or twice a week for a few weeks.

    I’m having to hold myself back from calling the 800 number and buying a caseload of the diabetes formula, though fortunately I don’t have diabetes.

    Anyway… my question is, what can I expect from BMI for the use of a song in an infomercial, does anyone know?

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    Please let us know!!! I’ve asked this question over and over with various placements I’ve had. Apparently there is no rhyme of reason to how they calculate this sort of stuff. Tunesat shows I’m getting a track played each Monday on a religious TV show. Sometimes it shows one minute, but sometimes they play 3 minutes of it? Will I soon be wealthy?? lol 🙂

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    You’re rewards will be applied in the afterlife! 🙂

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    Infomercials can make you A LOT of money in royalties. It depends on how much it’s playing, of course, but if all the paperwork is in order, it could be a decent payout for you.

    You should convert to paperless statements if you haven’t already! I have a 10 second clip of a track on some fitness infomercial which has aired for the past 2 years. Each quarter about 40 – 50 pages are devoted to just that one infomercial, no joke! Those pages are full of tiny 5c, 10c usages. It adds up though.

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    Mike Marino

    I’m resurrecting this topic from a while back. I have a lot infomercial placements for BeachBody’s P90X product going all the way back to July 2015 (via Tunesat). The infomercial has played on a bunch of different stations….yet I’ve not seen a single penny come across my BMI statements.

    Have I not given these placements enough time to pay out?

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    Mike Marino


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    It’s been over two years since the Tunesat reports, so I just emailed BMI to see what they can do and how to proceed. Will report any news…..

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    I found a dozen of TV spots (30-60 sec) on, some of them with 1000’s of airings.
    I sent the info and links to the videos to PRS and now I see one of my claims is rejected with the reason: “Society could not identify broadcast”.
    Tunesat has detected this spot airing on ABC, TV1, CBS, NBC etc.
    Is it a typical case? Could someone advise the alternative ways to find information about tv spots detected by tunesat?

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    Tunesat picked up a 1:15 placement in an infomercial on Discover Fit and Health last night. Any new experiences in these types of payouts?

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