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    I had a pleasant surprise yesterday finding I made a few bucks through SOCAN (i’m w/ASCAP) – so let me get this American show can sometimes get play in Canada or anywhere in the world for that matter? – Is this common and should I hope for a little something during international PRO payouts as well?


    Ps…Ironically yesterday I found a store that carries my favorite Canadian beer (hard to find) and bought a 6 pack only to find it was paid for by Canadian royalties  🙂

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    Michael Nickolas

    Hi Jay, yes you can hope for a little something for international distribution. As the years go by maybe more than a little. Used to be I’d get a small amount for Canada.  But lately my international payout has been just about double domestic.  Yesterday’s statement had 15 countries represented.

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    Hello Jaye,

    Yes this is common and a good thing for us. Sometimes even though the show is  canceled in the US it can keep popping up in Croatia, Finland or somewhere . So the shows can stack up on the international distribution and maybe add up to something, yeah!

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    Thanks guys..after years of writing/recording/uploading/metadata and all the work that goes along with this…it’s finally nice to start seeing some $ – good to know the international payout could be decent as well – now I need to get a few placements on my own (w/no libraries) as I have a publishing company setup – it sure would be nice to get both sides of the backend…looks like I made it a little late to the party to see some upfont fees as I see this as a fading thing..besides RF sites I have one upfront fee paid..but it’s better than none  🙂  Jay

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    I spoke too soon on this –  “it sure would be nice to get both sides of the backend”

    as I just got a cue sheet where I get both sides…do publishing royalties pay about the same as writers royalties ? ( my first on the publishing side)  thanks…Jay

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    I also made a few bucks through SOCAN – just got a statement from ASCAP! It’s my first cue sheet and I’m very excited! Surprised it is from Dec 2011 –  on a talk show. I hope that it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging – far from it! I’m just so pleased and grateful! Wanted to share the good news – have a great day everyone!


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    Congratulations Cari!  I’m glad that you’ve gotten some encouragement. Persistence pays off.



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    Art Munson

    Yes, congrats Cari!

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    My ASCAP international had some surprised too. I just learned of 9 placements across 2 different Canadian TV shows from 4th qtr 2011. Not much money, but every bit helps. It especially helps the moral! @ Cari, if you are like me, that first cue sheet is falls under life’s most memorable experiences!

    I don’t understand why my 16 second Saturday Night Live placement  in  Dec 2011  paid $35 for my domestic payout, but only $8 for my SOCAN payout. Thoughts?

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    Congrats Cari  🙂

    that first one IS awesome..

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