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    Art Munson

    Sigh… Another big part of the problem:

    “Recently established music royalty investment trusts such as Hipgnosis Songs and Round Hill Music seek to establish music as just another asset class”

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    Art Munson


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    Yeah, I read about this. There are quite a few articles about it on

    It shows the value of ownership, especially in the case of iconic hit songs.These funds have bought into catalogues of very very top writers.

    According to an interview on mbw investors are offering multiples of 15 – 20. Seems like they are very positive on future income from streaming and all sorts of media usage, which they’ll probably try to actively maximize, like a publishing company.

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    I like this part from the article, Are you paying attention writers and publishers?

    The music business is notoriously complex in terms of how royalties are apportioned and to whom, but the basic premise is that every time a song is purchased or performed, its copyright holders (and in most cases there will be several) earn some income.

    Also, Art…my philosophy as to why some older stars like Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton etc….are selling their catalog’s is because they probably realize that they are at the tail end of their life and want to simply cash in and set up their will’s with their family members.

    I know I wouldn’t mind cashing out of my catalog at the right price. But here is the interesting thing, I am the only one who knows how to collect on my multiple revenue streams. It would take me a year or more to teach my wife or kids how to properly collect and maintain all the royalties streams I have created for my catalog. For us production music composers, we have so many different sources of revenue:
    – Content ID
    -PRO royalty distributions for TV air dates, radio, streaming on Netflix, hulu, amazson, etc
    -Sync sales on stock music licensing platforms (unfortunately “subscription royalty revenue” too)
    -Harry Fox Agency
    -Neighbouring Rights
    -Spotify, APPLE, FACEBOOK (aka DSPS_ or “streaming” royalties
    -Sound Exchange

    These multiple revenue streams are not easy to keep up with. And now we have the MLC collecting a new stream of royalties. That is just getting started. And now we are hearing about music and crypto joining forces (NFT’s?)? It just gets more and more complicated every year.

    Yep, finance is getting more and more bizarre each passing day….

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