Is there a way to check what your new cue sheets are in ASCAP?

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    For example, I can see that my number of cue sheets filed went up by a couple today, but I have no idea what they are or what shows? Is there a way to tell, and excuse me if this should be obvious…because really, it should be obvious right?

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    Michael Nickolas

    No way to tell that I’ve found. There should be some sorting features (like sort by newest) but there isn’t.

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    David Rockower

    I write them 1x a weekm to say.. exactly what you’ve said here

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    The best way is to click dashboard, then cue sheets, and simply study the name of every “series”. That count goes up over time. If you do that every week your memory may be able to detect what you’ve seen before and also detect names of new shows and you can easily detect an increase in shows (cue sheets) you have music on. It gets a lot harder to do as the cue sheets and show count grow over time. It would be nice to be able to sort by “year filed”.

    At least ASCAP posts the information. Too bad BMI and SESAC do not.

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    I keep a spreadsheet that mirrors the series name and cue sheet count for each one. When I get about five or so new ones I will reconcile against my spreadsheet to see what is new. I also keep a sheet with all my Tunesat detections so I can compare and make sure cue sheets were filed. It’s a bit tedious but I have caught enough errors and had them fixed to make it worth the trouble

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    I’ve noticed ascap now has a flag by “works” on the dashboard when new works are registered. Hopefully they will do the same with new cues. Very helpful in my opinion.

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    Composer Of Notes

    I keep a spreadsheet of all my cue sheets, then I total each letter. So I have 12 series that begin with A for example. I count the number of cue sheets that begin with A. If it matches, I move to B.

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