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    But it’s not working in the way Tunesat said it would work- namely, that Tunesat would compare their detections with my ASCAP statements and file exception reports on my behalf with ASCAP.

    That is a huge problem.


    There is always a lot of talk about Tunesat. I never joined or took advantage of the free 50 opportunity. I’m curious, do they help anyone collect more royalties from PROS? If So, can you give an example as to how you approached your PRO to collect more?

    From my perspective, Tunesat simply gives people information on where there tracks are being used, but ultimately, aren’t the PRO’s still using cue sheet data to pay royalties? If this is the case, then what purpose does this technology serve to composers other than as an “informant”?

    You all get information that your tracks are being used on this show or that show, but when BMI and ASCAP do not honor this TUNESAT data, what purpose does it serve?

    Is the Tunesat data mirroring cue sheet data?

    When people have tracks detected on national spots, are you also stating that you were never paid a sync fee? and your music just happens to be on a national spot without a license being purchased?

    or Did the license occur through royalty free sites?

    I look forward to everyone’s feedback.


    Well I just got my first detection for about 4 weeks, this came straight after they’d performed maintenence on the site yesterday. I wonder if this had anything to do with it, who knows….but that’s why we’re here right? to speculate! 🙂


    I saw a big difference in detection since the last maintenance. There’s about 5 new tracks that are being detected regularly now that weren’t before.

    Art Munson

    I’m curious, do they help anyone collect more royalties from PROS? If So, can you give an example as to how you approached your PRO to collect more?

    Yes, I’m catching shows where I’m not listed as composer or cue sheets have not been filed. Called BMI and they have been helpful (as well as the library) in correcting these errors.


    I have about 38 cues with Tunesat. Many of these I know are getting placements on various shows, yet tunesat still has returned 0 hits. I have had my music on there for at least 6 months. Still nothing. Could i be doing something wrong?


    In the Tunesat FAQs, they still maintain that YOU can submit their data to ASCAP to get undetected royalties. They have backed off from their earlier claim that they will do it for you.They still are not admitting that ASCAP will pay no attention to their detections.

    I just stepped up my 50 detection USA service to worldwide for the last 4 months upping my Tunesat bill from $28.50 monthly to $75. I knew at least one show I’m on, MTV’s Ridiculousness, also plays in Europe. After 4 months I have received zero detections from Europe. I just wrote Tunesat to be stepped back down to USA only. Their web wizard only allows you to upgrade, not to downgrade.


    Anyone had any detections lately? I usually have at least a few a day, and have had nothing for 8 days or so. Haven’t reached my 50 detections this month yet either. Just wondering if it’s working for everyone else. Maybe I just haven’t had any placements! Thanks!

    Art Munson

    Working here.


    Great. Thanks Art!


    I have had 3142 detections in a little over 3 years, and 3 yesterday.

    However, I just got a 30 second synch in the finale of Better Call Saul last week on AMC and it has played 5 or 6 times and has not appeared in my Tunesat detections. Tunesat has detected this same track on other shows.

    I sent the link to them and haven’t heard back.


    I should mention that last year I had a flood of tunesat detections on one song and then heard it in an ad on TV. I filed an advertising claim with ASCAP and got about $2000 combined writer and publisher payouts 6 months later.

    This was the ad:


    My goal with Tunesat is for it to pay for itself, and it has done that.


    I use it for two reasons…

    One because, as a composer, i find it rewarding to actually hear which tracks get placed on which shows. Its just nice to be aware. I like to see my talents in the world. and it also steers me int he direction of what genres do best.

    Two, its something else to put against the tax bill! It gets harder each year to keep upgrading/ investing in my business. so i treat the £15 or so it costs me each month as expenditure.

    I’ve had 10000+ hits so far and I’ve been payed for probably 500 of them. Chasing ads that never got filed! Thank god for competittrack and its evidence!!! Everything takes forever from US to UK.

    I do wish they would be more flexible in their fingerprinting though. As a paid service, i do feel i should be able to add and remove tracks as i require. It cant be that hard on thier end surely.


    FWIW, I’ve been using the free account about 6 months and Tunesat misses enough that I don’t think I would pay for it.
    It becomes very evident when you have several cues in one program. For me it is not uncommon to have 3 detections in an episode during one hour, then only one detection for the same episode re-airing a few hours later.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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