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    Between SCRIPPS and now this disturbing thread under the library starting with an M, it really is time that all of us act and share our grievances with these folks:

    What do we need to tell them? Well SCRIPPS is broadcasting PRO registered music but not paying the PRO’s who in turn pay us. Libraries are complicit in this corrupt scheme.

    TV show production companies are now demanding that they become the publisher of the music used in their shows by extorting that privilege from existing music publisher ( Library “M” is a great example) They have a knack for feeding Viacom and CBS music. I guess now their “clients” suddenly are morphing into publishers through bullying. Now they are bullying writers into giving up 50% of their writer share? This is totally insane!
    This is extortion. There is no other way to look at this. It is what it is and we need to push back.

    I really encourage everyone to write a letter to these folks at the FCC, PRO’s need to know about this, and in the meantime, do not cave into these deals by signing these contracts!

    Writers share is all we have from the back end and it really is not that much. Everyone, please step up and email the leadership team at the FCC to raise awareness of these disturbing business practices. It is so shocking that with all the money that flies around in the TV business, composers still seem to get bullied when none of us are getting rich at this. Can you pull down a livable wage? For most not really. But newbies please understand the only way to get to “somewhat” of a livable (for me at least) was to write and publish 1000 cues over a 20 year period.

    Please take this seriously and write to these people.

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    Paul Biondi

    …Now they are bullying writers into giving up 50% of their writer share? …

    But one-size doesn’t fit all and for some composers, splitting their writer’s share is worth it. And that split could be with another composer running their own boutique library; writing for a show, etc.

    Imagine being offered the opportunity to place your cues in a show on a well-paying network in exchange for splitting your writer’s share. Your music will be wall-to-wall on the show and that’s just for one show.

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    Can you be a little more specific. I can’t really see sending the FCC letter about a library starting with an M. Name names, or continue on in the decline. If there are notorious culprits, call them out!!

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    LAwriter – It’s the practice of several SCRIPPS Properties not playing by the same rules as all other TV networks.

    That is what they and the PRO’s need to stop enabling.

    EVERYONE must follow the rules and ideas of “performing rights” for intellectual music property being broadcast to the entire public.

    I get “direct licensing” for small businesses, youtube channels, in house media productions, e-learning, and tutorials, etc…..but when music is BROADCAST to the public, the concept of “performing rights” should apply to all tv, and cable networks no matter how big or small.

    ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, BRAVO, TLC, MTV, CNN, VH1, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and many others all pay performance royalties. Why is SCRIPPS exempt? This is why we need to write to them!

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    The FCC link to the leadership have dismantled their email links.

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    I’m not sure if, or where, the FCC fits into this equation. The Copyright Royalty Board may be the proper venue: https://crb.gov

    They are, of course, closed as the world and our nation deal with a global health and economic crisis.

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