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    Art Munson

    Love Ozone 8. Wondering if I should upgrade?


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    Art Munson


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    I have Ozone 8 advanced and never use it but when I did, it was mainly for the Master Assistant so I wasn’t considering 9 until I saw your post so I’m giving Ozone 9 a quick look. I have a bad habit of wanting stuff after the intro offer is over.
    Low end focus and Master Rebalance is kind of interesting and probably the main two things that would make me consider upgrading if at all. Low End Focus claims to be the first of it’s kind but it seems to me to be similar to Mastering The Mix Bassroom which I have already and only use sometimes. Master Rebalance is pretty amazing after watching the video but I don’t know if it’s a deal maker for me at this point.
    To be honest, I have Weiss DS1 and Acoustica Audio Diamond 3 on my master and that pretty much does the job.I’m gravitating toward keeping it simple. I don’t want a ton of menus and modules these day to have to sift through. It slows my workflow instead of enhancing it but tomorrow I may think differently but I doubt it. I don’t think there’s a plugin made that works for every situation even the Weiss, so I’m trying to keep an open mind but my history with Ozone is to buy it then use something else. I’m thinking about it. $150 for the few features I would probably actually use may be a bit high but if I decide I want it later, it’ll be higher so there ya go. Not sold at this point though. I doubt I’ll upgrade but not sure yet.

    UPDATE: Decided not to upgrade. The reason,the Rebalancing tool seems cool BUT, it seems more suited for someone who does his mastering as a separate process. I do my mix and mastering in Cubase in all one thing so if the bass,for example,needs a boost, I just boost it. No advantage for me so I can’t justify the purchase at this time.
    Long post but I’m waiting for my clothes to finish drying so again, there ya go. 🙂

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    Michael Nickolas

    I have Ozone 7 but I’m on an analog mastering kick these days. I run my track out digital to my Allen and Heath mixer and use its analog eq along with a hardware compressor on the inserts. I record it back in via the mixers A/D convertors and proceed with other plug-in sweeteners and the limiter. It’s fun for now, a way to break up the usual way of doing things…

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    Ozone 8 sits on my master buss….I find it to be a great mastering tool….I don’t use every module in it …but it does help with the final mix IMO….my experience has been to always update if you can afford to the AI has probably been improved as well as the performance…now if they could only give you alternate final mixes to choose from… that would get you in the ball park then you can always override the AI to make tweaks…some think of this as making us lazy producers I think of it as being more productive … Ozone 8 was a bit of a CPU and memory hog so the machine has to have some horsepower to run it…….it’s the same in any job as the tools improve so must the craftsman….hello Black Friday

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