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    Art Munson

    How did you do this last payment? We are still running about the same as the last few qtrs.

    The one interesting thing were late payments for Netflix going back to 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Chump change but at least someone is paying attention!

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    Art Munson


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    About the same for me as well. But it was strange that one show disappeared … it first appeared on Q1 2017, then disappeared from Q2. Other shows stay on the statement from quarter to quarter. The disappearing show is from Investigation Discovery network, the series is still in production. I don’t know if they didn’t air my episode in Q2, or if they failed to submit cue sheets, or what ???

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    Art Munson

    or if they failed to submit cue sheets, or what ???

    Could be as that has happened to me. I’ve found a couple on Tunesat this qtr that I’ll bet they don’t have cue sheets on. I’d e-mail BMI and ask them.

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    Down a bit from the last statement but Q1 payouts seem to be higher with the annual NCTA bonus.

    2017 2nd qtr is about the same payout as what my 2016 2nd qtr was same time last year but I actually had more placements in 2017 2nd qtr compared to 2016 2nd qtr.

    I had 1 placement in 2016 2nd qtr statement that made up half the payout which was luck and was not there this time around. Even though I didn’t make more in the same qtr this year the number of placements did increase so hopefully that trend continues.

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    I’ve been doing this since the summer of 2014 now with over 700 tracks out and my checks are consistently around the $5k mark. Pretty disappointing. Over 80% of my income is off of upfront fees and sync fees. Upfront fees make up the overwhelming majority.

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    Good one for me,neck to neck with my 2nd best so far.
    Happy to see my international royalties are getting better with each quarter!

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