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    Hello all,
    Fairly new to the library game so excuse the newbie question.
    I’ve recently submitted some tracks to Pond 5 and used their titling suggestions which are something like this based on their examples:

    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Sting – Bumper?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Loop?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – 15 Second?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – 30 Second
    ?Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – 60 Second?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – DnB (drum and bass mix)?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Bed?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – V2?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Guitar?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Bass?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Keyboard?
    Morning Sunrise (Uplifting Acoustic) – Drums & Percussion

    As I uploaded stuff I adjusted my titles to fit this scheme. However, the works were already registered at ASCAP with different titles.

    My question is if something gets picked up for broadcast and cue sheets are filed using the new title, will that affect ASCAP payouts?

    My IPI# from ASCAP is attached to every song, but I’m worried the different titles will cause problems. Do I need to go back to the ASCAP site and add alternate titles for every piece?

    I’ve searched other threads on retitling but haven’t seen this question addressed, maybe I missed it.

    Thanks all!

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    Art Munson

    As long as the writer info is on the cue sheet you should be good but always a good idea to register alternate titles with your PRO.

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    Thanks, Art!

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