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    Hey, newbie here 🙂 (in fact, first time posting on any sort of forum)

    I’m putting together some tracks as a portfolio to start submitting to exclusive libraries, and would love any guidance/feedback. The tracks I’ve got so far are in a bunch of different genres, but I’ve heard it might be best to stick with one genre at least to begin with- what do you all think.?

    So far I have about 10-15 tracks split between jingles, rock and edm. Would you recommend that I have at least 10 or more in a single genre before making any applications, or is a mix of genres ok? If you have any tips for future tracks (arrangement tips etc) I’d really love to hear them!


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    Art Munson


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    Great tracks! I think you’ll do well with the music you make. As for feedback specifically, I would generally agree with your initial idea: group it into genres, 10 track albums, and submit. Many libraries prefer whole albums, unless you are working with ones that will take single tracks at a time. For what its worth, I’ve had success with pitching albums.

    The only other advice I have is maybe getting to the actual theme of the music with the Future Bass style quicker…typically they do have longer intros and builds when listing to Future Bass artists, but for the sake of more opportunities in TV and Film world, getting to the point more quickly would probably be beneficial.

    Anyway, good music! Good luck pitching!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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