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    I’m new to the music library world and currently have signed approx 20 tracks to Squirky, Clearwave and Global Graffiti. I submit to the like of Music Gateway and am on the books for around 5 other libraries but have not signed tracks.
    In the space of a year the quality of my compositions/speed of completion and sonic quality has increased dramatically.
    I know its a waiting game but haven’t received any placements. I’ll post 2 links below to my signed tracks and unsigned to highlight my development.

    I would really need some advice on the business side of things as well but I appreciate this isn’t the area for this.

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    I think I deduce that you have only been at this a year, I do think it is not uncommon to take longer then that. I believe your production to be o.k., probably just a matter of writing more. 20 tracks no matter how good is a small number in this world. Waiting up to 3 years or longer is not uncommon. But I do believe you really need to up the number of tracks you have in libraries. I think you’d do fine if you stick it out and keep writing.

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    Thanks for that Chuck!

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    Per Boysen

    Thanks for sharing – that was fun listening! I think especially the licensed tracks sound great and as far as I can tell, being a musician myself rather than a music license user, this is useful music for some media productions. I too am only one year into RF library work, although I started out three years ago with an exclusive library that does me pretty well.

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    Thanks very much for that, I’m glad you enjoyed the music..that’s the main thing! Did you just get lucky with a good company/good music?

    I am getting positive feedback from companies I have contacted but I think what is holding me back is a clear game plan.
    I have held on to the latest batch of tunes as I am weighing up my options. I do put them forward for one off briefs on the likes of Music Gateway.

    Options that I have been asked to do/or thought about :

    Putting together themed albums of similar style tracks
    Seeking out the best library and putting all my eggs in one basket
    Spreading them out across various libraries
    Make shorter pieces/jingles/idents and sell them on Audio Jungle for small amounts

    Hard to know what the best plan of attack is.
    In the meantime I am making money making podcasts for companies and pushing freelance work but the music library work/film trailers is what I am really passionate about.

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