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    Hi everyone!

    I and my partner just started working on a new album, inspired by space atmospheric epic music (Oblivion OST, TRON: Legacy OST, Sigma by ESF & RSM, etc).

    The first track is finished and it would be great to get your feedback on the composition and production. What do you think of the quality of this piece? Is such kind of music of any interest to production libraries? Is this level of quality is enough to pitch the album to top tier libraries?

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hi Vicky.

    Really nice track!

    I have some comments and suggestions for getting this ready for top tier libraries and their clients – like trailer editors. (it’s already beyond the quality level necessary for libraries with cheaper prices, and TV placement)


    Your track is evocative doesn’t get to the point fast enough and the climax isn’t quite big enough yet.

    I suggest shortening your opening act by at least a minute (which currently ends at 2:03, letting it build each time you cycle through your chord progression. So by the break to the 2nd act, the track has gone from minimal to fairly big.

    Act 2 should also be growing more dramatically, again bigger at each cycle of the chord changes.

    There would ideally be a crazy big transition to your 3rd act, which is currently plateaued at almost the same energy level as the 2nd act. If the 1st act is 1/10 and 2nd act ends at 6/10 in terms of energy, then the 3rd act should start at 8/10 and get a ridiculous ending at 10/10.


    The drums should much more thunderous. Right now they are holding a steady beat, while what you really need is to have more sparse and massive drums for trailer music (that means more low end, less ‘clack’). Listen to any recently placed music on a theatrical trailer (not the TV spots) and you’ll likely hear this.

    I’d lose some of the synth and rock elements that might make your mix sound a little dated and cheesy to some very picky clients. These creep in around 3:20.

    Bring your horn melody forward.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi Mark!

    Thank you so much for your detailed feedback (again), this helps a lot to us.
    It is a kind of dilemma to write music from your heart and at the same time meet a specific structure which is too short to say everything by music 🙂 But while working on the album we will try to keep in mind everything you have mentioned, thanks a lot!

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