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    My question was about this: is moving to ASCAP or BMI a mandatory move in 2019 to take in order to proceed in this career and to be more “attractive” to big big libraries?

    From, what I have seen, it is not “Mandatory”. I have been seeing some great results from PRS, APRA, SOCAN, and SACEM.

    I personally though have heard some bad stories/stuff about PRO’s in Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic/Croatia, and a few others..

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    What about SESAC? From what I know, it’s the only PRO that is considering Tunesat detections…

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    What about SESAC? From what I know, it’s the only PRO that is considering Tunesat detections…

    Unless something has changed. SESAC is not open for public registration..

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    Buckle up. The US Department of Justice is set to review the ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees. Depending on what they decide things could remain status quo or there could be major changes and disruption in the industry.

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    Ironically, I just received a mail from a library saying:

    …Please move your society affiliation to either ASCAP or BMI in the US to avail yourself (and us!) of the ability to direct-license your music worldwide.

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    @Wall_E , the license between the U.S. PROs, ASCAP and BMI, and their composers is non-exclusive, which allows composers to direct license. Many societies in other nations require an exclusive license from their composers, which can limit composers’ freedom and autonomy.

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    Throughout my career I have been with BMI. Don’t know if it’s better or worse than the other PRO’s, but I do get a check every quarter.

    BMI and ASCAP are the most accepted PRO’s in the US. I would affiliate with one of them if you are planning to do work in the US.

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    I am thinking about moving from PRS to BMI.
    It seems that PRS has become worse in recent years.
    My music usage claims are hanging months without any action from their side. Support does not answer until I send 2-3 letters.
    And suddenly the money stopped coming to my bank.
    I’m trying to solve this problem with support since April … so far without success.

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    I was opening a new thread about it, but since there’s an existing one I guess I can ask it here.
    Did you finally moved from SIAE to BMI or ASCAP?
    I’m planning to move from SIAE to BMI, I was wondering if someone here experienced the process, how it was and what exactly happened to the existing catalog in SIAE, if it’s done by PRO or you will have to register songs again with BMI.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Does anyone have any experience with SESAC? I may have a referral to become a member soon. Handed in my ASCAP resignation papers just recently after a 17 year run. Wanted to know how SESAC measures up to BMI. Thanks!

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