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    Is apparently a service, according to this e-mail that reports to me uses of my my music for sites that offer streaming and downloads of my songs. Included with this snail mail is an account with my name and a generated by them password where i can reportedly log in, check on moneys. They want a w-9 from me if I haven’t done so. Anyone heard of these folks. Are they legit? And who would they be “working for” for lack of a better term? Anyone know?

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    Hmmm….apparently this is associated with a steaming site called Deezer, a new upcoming streaming site. Wondering where this originated from although I do believe I may be able to guess.

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    Michael Nickolas

    Yes, I’ve had correspondence from Music Reports and they are legit. Big streaming companies go to them to “secure and administer mechanical rights” for the music they include in their streaming service.

    Music Reports used to send US snail mail notices to me, but now do it via email I think. Streaming companies like Amazon and Microsoft. I think I received a check from Music Reports for a penny once. I framed it.


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    I apparently came across this via AS who distribute to Deezer. Checking off external distribution got me there.

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    Has anybody here received a “Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License” from this company?

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    I got several letters from Music Reports too. Can’t remember all the clients (Amazon, iTunes, Soundcloud, & somebody else). I assumed it was a result of the Spotify Suit. Everybody wants to be more cautious. At least Music Reports got all the info. (titles, etc.) correct. The Harry Fox Spotify licenses were so flawed it looked like they were deliberately sending misinformation.

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    I got a snail mail letter from them addressed to my publishing “On behalf of SoundCloud Operations, Inc.”
    There was a schedule “A” attached so my best guess is SoundCloud is putting a couple of my tracks on their streaming service. I have no idea how they got my info, A.C.E. maybe?
    They “strongly recommend” that I submit a W-9.
    Any new info on this?

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