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    Definitely seeing my streaming royalties ramping up little by little each quarter. And on his statement Netflix royalties appeared for the first time. 7 streams yielded $3.02!! 🙂

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    wow thats nice. good to hear daveydad.

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    You’re in the money! I had 42,000 streams on Hulu, which yielded $0.31.

    Oh, wait, I own the publishing on that one, so make that a total of $0.62. 😀

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    Wow!! Yeah, I was surprised Netflix did that well. I made $21 with Hulu… but can’t even begin to count the number of streams….

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    I pulled the calculator out. I singled out my best royalty line item royalty payment from the internet audiovisual section of my BMI statement to analyze it. BMI seems to be listing stream counts on statements which is pretty interesting.

    The reality of streaming royalties is pretty bleak:

    I had a :27 second cue on 1 episode of The Voice stream 1,691,000 times. The pay was $10 for those streams. This is 0.000000591 cents per stream on HULU.
    The exact same cue paid $70 for the broadcast performance on NBC.

    Amazon VOD – an NFL cue that paid $370 for 1 live tv performance on Fox for :25 secs of air time paid $8.35 for 2,113,904 streams

    0.00000395 cents per stream

    But check this out. I have been reading and also calculating streams on Spotify and what spotify pays…often .0004 cents per stream (on average). If HULU or AMAZON were paying similar rates 1,691,000 streams x .0004 cents would actually = $676!

    Future of streaming is not bright. Time for AMAZON, the most profitable company in the world, to pay the F up!

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    Interesting and kind of sad…

    My highest streaming show on Hulu was 118,707 on a Cold Case Files episode paying $2.35. But that was also with a cue 2.35s long.

    With Amazon it was an episode of MTV’s Real World with 16,893 streaming paying only $0.56. That cue was 37s.

    My best payout this statement was from 41 episodes on Big Ten Network (sports): $123

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    7 pages of Amazon VOD hits paid $19 while 5 pages of Hulu hits paid $107.
    Amazon is possibly the lowest paying streaming service.

    Another interesting thing is Facebook royalties.
    On the BMI statement i received yesterday,it said ‘Facebook 2015’ and i had 9 tracks yielding $4.96. What’s interesting is they only had 1 stream that paid from $0.09 to $1.40. Sounds more promising than Amazon anyway.

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    I saw $4.01 from Hulu for 90457 streams of :48 of a song in a film. It received the “T” use code which I think is for “Theme” (correct me if I’m wrong) This was a song written for the soundtrack album and the song was used in a portion of the end credits.

    If this is the future, what is the winning strategy?

    Is there any way to verify these stream numbers?


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    Michael Nickolas

    For what it’s worth it’s not any better at ASCAP. Our next statement isn’t until July, but from a past statement:
    Amazon,16,890 streams, 0:17 – $0.20
    Hulu, 123,612 streams, 0:08 – $0.41
    Netflix, streams not reported, 0:15 – $0.68
    Libraries need to collect decent sync fees for tracks placed into shows that will only be streamed and not broadcast. Back-end is an insult.

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    hey guys, over which libraries you got this Netflix and Hulu stream placements? thx !

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