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    Most came from MIBE, a few from Back End Music.

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    Information from a contact :

    Because Spotify and Apple Music pay royalties through a pro rata business model – meaning that their revenue is all put into a pool and then proportionally divvied up among rights holders depending on their share of streams – there is no definitive per-stream rate.
    But according to Spotify’s company filings in years past, average per-stream payouts from the company are between $0.006 and $0.0084. Apple Music’s figures hover at about the same.
    “I’m always getting asked by both new and established artists how royalties and payouts work from the popular streaming platforms. Well, the easiest way to explain it is to simply break down the numbers.” – Brian Garrett, CEO Future Star Music Group.
    Here’s a little guide that you can use to help calculate what you’re owed.
    1 Stream on YouTube = $0.00069
    1 Stream on Spotify = $0.00437
    1 Stream on Apple Music = $0.00735
    1 Stream on Tidal = $0.01250
    1 Stream on Amazon Music = $0.00402
    1 Million Streams on YouTube = $690
    1 Million Streams on Spotify = $4,370
    1 Million Streams on Apple Music = $7,350
    1 Million Streams on Tidal = $12,500
    1 Million Streams on Amazon Music = $4,020
    150 streams = 1 Song Download ($0.99-$1.29 Equivalent)
    1500 streams = 1 Album Sale (10 Tracks / $9.99 Equivalent)
    75 Million Streams = 500,000 Singles Sold (RIAA Gold)
    150 Million Streams = 1 Million Singles Sold (RIAA Platinum)
    1.5 Billion Streams = 1 Million Albums Sold (RIAA Platinum)
    If you go RIAA Platinum on YouTube, you will get = $103,500
    If you go RIAA Platinum on Spotify, you will get = $655,550
    If you go RIAA Platinum on Apple Music, you will get = $1,102,500

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    Hey David, thanks for sharing the info

    Not sure I understand, so this show was only streamed 7 times on Netflix? Is that a typo?

    Are you able to share the name of the show?

    I have a few tracks submitted to Netflix via a library but I haven’t seen a placement yet

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    All it shows is 1 next to each episode of the 7 shows… so I assume it only means 7 times. Which does seem odd for streaming. All my others showed thousands of streams. The shows were one Ink Master and the rest Save Our Shelter.

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