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    Hi Art and all!

    A few industry friends and I are hosting a new music award showcase — launching next month. I wanted to hip the MLR community to it first, because it will benefit us all.

    Put simply, many of us will never earn a Grammy, BAFTA, etc. There are limited opportunities to showcase our music without being jerked around.

    That’s why we are hoping you take part in The Modern Music Maker Awards.

    Composers will be invited to submit songs in niche production music categories (Quirky Dramedy, Synth Pop, Southern Rock etc.). Submissions will be vetted by music editors and supervisors. The final songs will then take part in an online poll.

    Winners will get free plugins and be awarded the Modern Music Maker Award of their category. Everything will be transparent, honest, and fun.

    By involving key library and productions players, we have every intention of making the Modern Music Maker Awards a respected calling card for winners to get through gatekeepers and into more publishing deals.

    Details are being sorted out and ducks are getting in a row. I’ll hip everyone when it goes live with first award opportunities.

    You can sign up for info at

    Art – We’ll purchase ad space once all good to go. Thanks!


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    The Modern Music Maker Awards are up and running. Super easy to sign up, a bunch of nice people and music shakers involved, and Russell Emanuel – Founder of EXTREME is our first featured judge.

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    The first open category is for BEAUTIFUL UNDERSCORE.

    From hip hop, to orchestral or acoustic guitar….all submissions must evoke beauty.

    MLR subscribers get limited promo — 5 submissions for every 1.

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    Wait…..sorry if this comes off weird…..does this COST money to submit??

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    Any chance of knowing who these industry friends, nice people and music shakers are? There is no information on the website save the aforementioned Russell Emanuel. Any deadline? What about the prize?

    This sounds a little bit RSL…

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    There is an existing Award specifically for Production Music Composers. It is the Mark Award, presented by the Production Music Association (PMA).

    we have every intention of making the Modern Music Maker Awards a respected calling card for winners to get through gatekeepers and into more publishing deals.

    The “gatekeepers” are those at which libraries?

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    I’m trying to reply, but it’s not showing up…

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    Hi – all good questions and honestly we welcome any input and suggestions. Yes it is pay-to-play at the moment, but MLR users get 5 songs for $5. If you take away 1/3 of that for transaction fees, the cost of hosting, promotion etc….nobody is trying to get rich off your hard work. The truthful goal is to create a recognizable pitch to libraries and publishers. “Hi – My name is….some of my work includes…and I’m the winner of Modern Music Maker award for…”
    Ultimately, we would like to phase out this model as advertisers cover cost of hosting.

    Not sure what RSL is…but Mark Awards are a different thing. First, a lot of composers are not PMA. Second, Modern Music Maker Awards are more for those who have the chops but don’t have the EMI, Warner, big A-list trailer gig. The point is that this will get you closer to those bigger deals. If you are already an A-lister or solid B++ turning down jobs then you probably don’t need another calling card. If, however, you make great music but find it challenging to catch the ear of a bigger fish or get off Scripps, then that is where the Modern Music Maker Award comes in. By incorporating the gatekeepers, we hope to get you through them.

    The Awards have not rolled out outside of MLR yet, and some details are being worked out.
    The judges are actual editors and supervisors currently placing. They are not individually listed because 1) They are typically audio nerds who have absorbed too much blue light sitting in front of 27 inch imacs 60 hours a week. 2) Publicizing a detailed list of who to blast with your music would upset our friends and contacts off 3) It is a rotating committee, depending on schedules and genres. We are rolling out and will be adding familiar faces and some behind-the-scenes players — all of whom will be given your contact if they would like to discuss direct placing.

    New categories will be listed every few weeks depending on judges’ specialty and availability. 10 finalists from each category will go to a 7 day online poll. They will be posted on our site, blasted on social media and you can vote every hour. Submission deadlines will be posted shortly…still feeling out. We can’t accept too many or too little.

    Russell Emanuel is the man and he is someone who I, and every other committee judge knows of and uses his library. We respect his name and brand and hope it shows our honest intentions. We always welcome thoughts so we can shape this properly. Thanks for reading through and hope this helps!

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    Art Munson

    I’m trying to reply, but it’s not showing up…

    As I’ve said a million times before. If you use profanity in your posts (since removed) it will go to the moderation queue! Sigh…

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    I will keep a look out to see how this develops. I never say never..

    This does however seem to me to be a “FMN, X-Ray, etc” with just another “spin on the wordplay” to make it “seem” like something more than just a “Pat-to-submit””..

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