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    Hi All,
    First post alert!
    I hope you’re well and staying safe. Weird times. But also time to throw some serious attention at music. I haven’t picked up my guitar in 2 months or more. All I’ve done is revisit existing compositions and tweak arrangements or maybe remix some tracks. Also did some remote collaborations with vocalists. That’s a whole other story but can work well. I’ve been working on tracks and I’ve gathered 44 instrumentals together (and that’s not a lot compared to what you guys and girls produce!) where I think ‘they’re not A list but they’re not too bad’. I’m not a full time musician.
    My favourite one at the moment is this one.

    It’s all guitar through a Boss SY300 guitar synth.
    I’m wondering if it is ok as a piece of music? Does it sound good enough to appeal to people who use music with visuals? I write a lot of stuff but it’s to please me. I have never written to order and can’t imagine being able to do that. Consequently I tend to be all over the place with styles. I’m at a bit of a crossroad now. Utopia would be just getting 44 tracks somewhere other than my hard drive. I don’t feel like writing new stuff until I’ve let go of the old. I need new gear and I’d like to start afresh with a better attitude to being better at music!
    This track is the result of an online collab with a vocalist.

    I want to do more songs with vocalists too.
    Thanks for reading this.

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    Cool tracks!

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    Thanks s4urs!

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    I love Shooting Star – I can definitely hear that being used. Have you tried submitting to any libraries?

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    Thanks Maxpower!
    I’ve submitted to about 6 libraries/publishers in the past month or 2. Only instrumentals at this stage. It would be ideal to get signed as an artist and give the library/publisher 44 tracks. My tracks are guitar based. Many of them tending toward to the heavier alternative end. I record guitars direct and work up arrangements with loops. Sonically they are not pro sounding recordings so I need to be realistic about whether they will be attractive to publishers/music supervisors. I reworked an old track a bit yesterday. This track is my one and only sync so far. Nearly 10 years ago! In the show Burn Notice, S5 E7. I get a miniscule royalty cheque every few months. I want the track used again as I still own it.

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    i like it….what libraries have you found to be interested in guitar heay alt?

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    Thanks TRex.
    I haven’t found any yet. Maybe there’s no libraries that deal in alt stuff specifically. Or they’re difficult to find.
    If I do I’ll report back.

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