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    Hi guys,

    I´m signing up with a music library.
    Now, it´s asking me for artist and publisher name.
    Artist is me obviously, but I thought the publisher would be that music library I´m singing up to, but obviously it´s not otherwise it wouldn´t be asking for it.
    Any thoughts what I should be putting there?


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    Art Munson

    Are they splitting publishing with you?

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    Hi Art,

    good question. I don´t know to be honest. Had a look at the contract but it doesn´t say anything about publishing rights as far as I´m aware.
    It´s my first ever contract so everything is completely new for me.
    Send them an email as well, but so far no reply so thought I would ask you bunch of friendly people 🙂

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    Got an answer from them. I just put my own name!

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