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    It’s time for another Pro Tools upgrade, but now AVID have something akin to a subscription plan where if you pay $200 annually you get all the most recent current uploads. Or have to buy the software all over again. I love pro tools but the constant upgrade path is , for me , getting expensive and somewhat annoying. So point is, I’m looking at the possibility of adding logic pro x to the mix at some point down the road. Maybe do the most recent PT upgrades, because from what I hear PT 11 just has some upgrades worth getting . And making the leap to Logic Pro X. Anyone have experience with making the jump from Pro Tools to Logic? How significantly is the change going to slow me down if I were to do that? Any other recommendations for another alternate DAW that is in the same ballpark as PT? What would be nice is to be able to use, at least for some time, both, as Logic has some advantages in using midi over PT ? Or maybe Apple does something similar and upgrading is just a fact of life….Thoughts?

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    I use FL Studio, but I don’t know if that would work for you. Super fast workflow though compared to other DAWs.

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    Art Munson

    A number of software companies are going the subscription route. Cakewalk, East West as well as Microsoft Office. I actually don’t mind as I want those companies to have an incentive to keep developing their software.

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    I’ve used Pro Tools just a handful of times. I switched from Cubase to Logic about 6 years ago, and am now using Logic Pro X. For what I do, it works very well for me.

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    I’ve used Digital Performer for years because it was the preferred DAW of film composers (for composing). I know composers who would compose in DP and record in PT.

    I upgraded to DP8 last year for $199 (or more) and they just released DP9 for another $199.

    I’ve got Logic 9 and there’s a lot that I like about it workflow wise… maybe enough to consider switching.

    As far as price goes, I’m not sure if Apple does “upgrade” pricing.
    I recall the jump from Logic 9 to Logic X was around $199 — not a subscription.

    One caveat — if you’ve got a lot of PT plugs make sure that they work in other formats, which may be Audio Units or VST based.

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    Cubase. I left Pro Tools after v10, but had been using Cubase too. Love the features…. If you’re more into music sequencing, Cubase is a great alternative to PT.

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    I’ve been a Cubase user for a long, long, long time. Then I tried Studio One by Presonus. Switched immediately, and never looked back.
    The only thing I feel S1 is still missing is a good way to edit articulations. In that respect, Cubase is still number one. But for everything else, S1 – for my needs – is way better (and much cheaper!!). Just my opinion of course.

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    Aaron Marsden

    I switched to Reaper during the time of Pro Tools 7 and I haven’t looked back since. It has been so versatile and time saving for me. You can literally control just about anything in Reaper via the Actions commands menu. Right now, I have it set up to allow me to use a game pad joy stick for selecting and auditioning vocal takes by simply using left, right, up and down arrows. Really nice!

    Here is my favorite theme too 🙂

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    I switched to Presonus S1 a few years ago from PT, which I had used for 10 years. I needed to upgrade at that time, but didn’t want to spend the money on PT. I always sort of missed PT, but I find my workflow is faster on S1, and it sounds great. I never had Logic 9, but I bought Logic Pro X for kicks. I can use it, and I like the look of it, and it has some cool plugins and instruments, but for me it’s sluggish at times, and I can’t get used to editing in it. If I have to do a subscription, I’ll keep what I have permanently! Just my POV.

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    Sean Clark

    You can demo Cubase elements without needing their licensing dongle. Ableton Live 9 Suite, Studio one Professional, and Reaper are full version demos afaik.

    Trying them out should give you the best perspective. See if you like the workflow. Also if your system likes the application, or doesn’t.

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