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    I’ve been wanting to do something like this but have a more complicated problem:

    One of my publishers in the US uses ASCAP
    Another one uses BMI
    And lastly – and here’s what makes it even more complicated, another uses SESAC

    So my catalog is split across those three US PROs.

    I asked a SESAC rep: if I join BMI only, will you send my SESAC royalties to BMI for me? Answer: “No”
    Ok, can I join both SESAC and BMI? Answer: “No”

    Ok, so what do I do?

    Well apparently SESAC might let me join them just for my catalog there, but I would have to tell PRS that I am joining SESAC only for my catalog in the US at SESAC, and that PRS will still collect for me from ASCAP and BMI.

    If I could actually do this it would be worth it, since SESAC is most of my royalties.

    But PRS told me I couldn’t do that. It had to be by territory, not by catalog / PRO.

    So I told the SESAC rep what PRS said. They said no, you can definitely do this.

    As you can see.. pretty difficult to get anywhere.

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    Hey Orca,

    I actually have an update to my situation and it sounds like I might be able to do something like you, except in my case with SESAC instead of BMI.

    I can join SESAC for the USA only by asking for a release from PRS for the USA.

    I have a question about where you said you notified your music libraries going forward that you are now a member of BMI for the USA: Do you mean that you have to tell them something like this:

    – I am with BMI for the USA only, with CAE: XYZ
    – I am with PRS for the rest of the world with CAE: ABC

    How do they register the tracks then? Does the sub publisher in the USA register your tracks with BMI under your BMI CAE and details? And then for the rest of the world they register the tracks with PRS?

    Please do let me know when you can!

    Thank you.

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    Hi Tbone,

    That sounds promising with SESAC, I hope that you can get it worked out with them.

    I had a quick check of my PRS and BMI catalogues and it seems that if a new song is registered with the PRS it automatically later appears in my BMI catalogue. I think that might be something that BMI London set up but I’m not exactly sure.

    I’m not sure if it works like that both ways but if I find that a new song that has been registered with BMI I will probably also register it in my PRS catalogue just in case.

    I think that around 95% of my back end royalties come from US placements so that’s been my main concern recently.

    With the US based libraries I give them my BMI CAE/IPI information, with the European ones I give them my PRS details. I haven’t noticed any issues with it yet but will try to deal with that if it comes up.

    Thanks, Orca

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    Hi Orca,

    I had a really good conversation with my SESAC representative today and will go ahead with joining SESAC for the USA only.

    What he told me is that publishers will continue to register my tracks in the same way with my PRS CAE/IPI, and that it will automatically come up that I am with SESAC in the USA. He said I probably don’t even really need to tell my publishers about it. He said that I keep my same CAE/IPI that I currently use from PRS too. Basically it’s one of the few global systems /databases that actually works.

    Looks promising so I’m hoping it works out well.

    The only thing was that if I want to move my old, already released tracks which are at either ASCAP or BMI currently, over to SESAC, I would have to ask my publishers to do this for me. But if I choose not to, ASCAP or BMI will continue to send payments for these old tracks to PRS for me.

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    Hi Tbone,

    That sound great, I hope that it all works out with PRS and SESAC! I’d be interested to hear how it turns out once you’ve got everything in place.

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