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    I had a cue sheet appear in ascap this week that should have paid out on the october distribution.  Will ascap catch that up the next payout, or should I contact them?

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    It’s funny because I just called ASCAP yesterday because I have that exact same issue.  For me, I’m waiting for a cue sheet to be filed by CNN for a performance that would be paid in the upcoming writer and publisher distributions.  The network is saying it will be filed soon but perhaps will not meet the deadline to be included in the upcoming ASCAP distributions.  ASCAP told me that as long as they receive the cue sheet within a year of the scheduled distribution that they will process it retroactively on the next scheduled distribution.  This of course includes the fact that any paid ASCAP performance has to show up on their surveys.

    Hope my response was helpful.

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    Perfect, thanks!

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    I had 14 cue sheets show up for NHL on NBC playoffs, right before this current distribution payout (ASCAP). I contacted ASCAP, and am hoping for a special distribution. Anyone had any luck with this kind of tactic?

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