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    Exploring the chord trigger in logic. SO I have this idea of selling chord trigger templates in all 12 keys, nothing fancy, maybe a set of triads, 4 note major and minor voicings, 5 note ones, in all 12 keys, at a fairly nonexorbitant price. Would be for , for example, guitar players like myself, not real adept at playing cleanly, and potentially saving tons of time when doing simple chords for their tracks or compositions. Or even if you know the theory, saving you the time of programming them in your self. So you sit down, start writing a song/composing, pull up your chord trigger template, set up where the root note triggers the associated triad , or other chord. Would this be a viable product for nonpianists? And if so, what would be a fair price without breaking the bank?


    I am thinking this would really need to be thought out as far as how to market it.New composers wouldn’t know what a key is, necessarily, or what chords were which. Probably more for someone with some knowledge of theory who doesn’t want to take the time to do it themselves or wants a quick solution.


    Hello to all!

    No offense, but isn’t this a part of the problems that are taking in place in this instance of “The Current Music Situations?”

    People so busy taking the easy route, and shortcuts; rather than getting the sense of accomplishment by being faced with the opportunity of being challenged to learn, and to grow?

    In this modern day society, it seems like everything is being handed; rather than being able to forge into uncharted territories to unlock YOUR true potential..

    Sorry, it’s out there, and I feel I needed to say what is truly in my heart..


    I would assume that any new composers that have no basic knowledge of music theory or fundamental keyboard skills would just end up buying loops and samples and cut/paste a song together without the need for a keyboard or pad controller. or better yet have a pianist buddy help out…

    not sure how the chord trigger works, but I tried using an acoustic strummer vsti back then to help speed up my workflow, yet still ended up recording live to be contented…thats just me though, dont hurt to give your idea a go for potential extra income


    Hi Chuck, re your idea…. Doesn’t Band in a Box do something like what you are suggesting? I was talking to a teacher friend some weeks ago who had come across a new updated of band in a box and said all you need to do was type in the chords name style etc and a hey presto music was produced. Your idea might be one to try in the education market though.


    Regarding this idea, its fully implemented in Cubase 9. There is a chord track, chord pads and chord assistant. The latter can interpret any notes played as a specific chord in real time and there are full scale and voicings to choose.

    A stand alone product may have been more viable a few years ago ,but the likely target user would probably have a daw with these features these days.

    Chuck Mott

    THere is actually chord trigger in logic, but you still have to open, either play the chords live, or program the chords in yourself. My idea is selligna list of preset, one finger chords, and then you pull up the presets for a given key, and it is right there, at least your basic triads. So yes, it would be more a low priced batch of user presets, a time saving device, so you wouldn’t need to do it yourself. SO aimed towards someone maybe not quite beginning stages, who knows what keys are and familiar with chord building in a scale. So you ar writing a key, pull up chord trigger, load a preset and you have your “one finger triads” all right there. This would be specific to Logic, aimed towards maybe beginners, or towards non keyboard playing folks with theory knowledge, who want to quickly lay out simple chords without having to program it themselves.Th educating people what it is, what it does, and the fact that it would be Logic only…but would be priced to sell….hmmm…


    Hi Chuck , this idea is really geared towards an education market. Anyone serious about composing really needs to study how harmony Triads and indeed inversions work (if they are to develop a serious understanding of music for film at least) as far as orchestrating for basic orchestral music is concerned you need to be able to shape and arrange chords in quite an advanced way eg not double 3rds in the chord etc. The basic plan may work in a simple arrangement but the player should be encouraged to understand how certain harmonic progressions work.

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