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    I have the old silver apollo quad with the neve 1073 plugin & a vintech 1073….I prefer the vintech but tbh not substancially better than the 1073 plugin

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    Great River is a preamp I have been looking at. How do you like the AT 4050?

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    If you have a 500 series rack (and even if you don’t, and are willing to get one) one of the best bang for the buck preamps out there right now is the louderthanliftoff Chroma.

    Both API and Neve style preamps in one space, with a colour slot for compressors, EQ’s and other tone coloring options, HF/LF EQ and you can use it on your mix bus as well as when you record. I got a couple of em.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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