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    I got a pretty nice sum for a track of mine in my last statement , that apparently falls under a blanket license. Can someone explain in a bit of detail what this means? The just pay a sum so they don’t have to further negotiate things like sync fees? But you still get royalties right? What does a blanket license generally cover? Thanks.

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    Art Munson

    But you still get royalties right?

    Maybe not. Depends on the network. If it was with the infamous Scripps network (HGTV, DIY, Food Network, etc.) you might not. If so, be thankful as most of us that show up on Scripps do not receive any money from a blanket license!

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    BTEN . For Big Football and Beyond. It was a nice chunk, for me. Big enough but would be an added bonus if I continued to get that kind of royalty every quarter. And it fell under the royalty amount section of my statement, which led me to ask the question.

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