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    I am about to embark on submitting to multiple libraries. I see the lists here and have others compiled.
    What should I expect for the nuts and bolts for my first set of submissions?
    **Are there upload forms, or is there some sort of email one sends a link to?
    **Do they have a check box to “agree” to the contract up-front, or do contracts come after they approve your music? (I do not want to get locked into a contract just by “submitting”).
    **I have a well organized library of over 400 songs. Do they want a link to the homepage of the whole library to peruse what I have, or do I have to pick the songs I wish to have in their libraries? What is the general limit on number of songs to submit?
    **What is the general rule of thumb for how many non ex libraries to submit a given song to?
    **Any other advise?

    Thank you

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    There is so much variation that it’s difficult to answer these questions generally, but…

    Sometimes there are upload forms, sometimes an email contact.

    Usually the contract comes after “approving” your music. If they offer you a contract, that’s the approval. You can definitely ask about contract terms before you submit, and often the basic terms will be provided with submission information. And it’s good to know this, because it’s entirely possible you’ll read the contract terms and decide you don’t want to submit to that company.

    Companies may want to know that you’re capable of producing lots of music, or they may not care, but often you’ll be submitting 1-3 tracks for review. And in many (most?) cases each track you submit is subject to review. Obviously you’ll want to present music that you produce at the highest level, balanced with an awareness of what that company is looking for.

    The question of “to how many non-ex contracts should I sign a single track” has no easy answer and has probably been covered here at MLR.

    As far as submissions to ex and non-ex contracts, perhaps you have enough strong tracks (400!) that you can simplify the process by, at least initially, just submitting each track to one company. It can take a while to hear back, but usually it’s weeks or months, not years. (I know people have stories…but generally it’s weeks or months).

    Best of luck to you.

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    Art Munson

    I think @composer covered it pretty well. There is “no one size” fits all as each library will have their own requirements and procedures. Best to start a dialog with any library you might be interested in. They would be the best source to answer specific questions. And finally, as has been stated many times her before, “It’s a marathon not a sprint”.

    Best of luck to you on your journey!

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