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    I submitted 4 piieces to Audio Jungle a few days ago. (Submitting is time consuming).
    They rejected all four because ” it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.
    No explanation as to what that means. Could someone listen to this track and tell me what it is lacking.
    Really appreciate this.

    Toby Tune

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    Hi Toby

    I think the main problem is that it sounds ‘boxy’ and with too much reverb. Some instruments sound too distant, like they’re in an other room/hall and there’s a mid-low frequency in the reverb that makes it all muddy. The orchestral samples sound good but maybe the orchestration is a bit too simplistic, and some instruments I would have used differently, but that’s obviously debatable… I think there’s room for improvement.

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    Even if your track is perfect, audio jungle could still reject. It is a common complaint that they reject too much content and never say why. I feel you, it is time consuming. I recently submitted about 10 in different categories and only one got accepted. Seems it’s got to be in the commercial mood their in. This month I sent some of those tracks to quality exclusive libraries and got contracts. Not sure I’ll be going through AJ again.

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    I tried Audio Jungle it’s a very very tedious process not worth the effort IMO….movin on

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    The idea of “quality” in the music biz is so subjective. I have some listen to my music and say it’s awful. Others will listen to the same piece and think its wonderful and beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    With that said, when I listen to the recording I generally share the comments of mikevan except his comment that the orchestration may be to simplistic.

    Reverb is the nemeses of the producer. It’s so easy to add and it makes everything sound good on their own – but when you put all the tracks together you’re swimming in an Olympic sized pool of reverb. It’s a difficult craft to take some of the reverb out and still have the sheen of the pool without drowning in it.

    Also, if you don’t already have some good mastering software, it would be a good idea to get it. Software like Izotope Ozone. It will help you get closer to the right sonic balance and space. If you get interested in buying Izotope, wait until they have a sale. Prices go down between 50-70% on the packages for no special reason. That software will help get rid of that “boxy” sound. There are a number of brands of mastering software, each having the pros and cons. I settled on Izotope. It’s user friendly for me and it gets the job done.

    Don’t let them get you down!

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