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    Quick question on RF site tagging. I always try to max out the tags I use as long as they are relevant (esp on Pond5 where the max is 50 tags). So if a song sounds Creedency, I’ll put “whiskey, beer, swamp, barbecue” and all that in for good measure. However, after my brain and eyes start to lose patience with the tagging process, I notice some of the best selling tracks only have a handful of tags.

    I get that quality and a zillion other factors come into play on the sales figures, but my question is simple: is there any drawback to over-tagging?

    Any thoughts appreciated. Also, would like to make clear that I am not putting misleading tags….just trying to maximize search potential.

    Thanks for any input!

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    That’s an interesting question. I’d love to hear also the opinion of experienced guys about this.

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    I have been tagging/keywordng music for the industry for the last 4 years now. I would say the drawbacks for over tagging clearly depends on the types of licensing companies you are working with and what the guidelines are for each company. For example, I do keywording for Crucial Music on tracks they submit to Getty Images. They have a set amt of keywords that can be compiled, anything over that is cut off and not used, so if you are over-tagging, you could be wasting time. I would suggest no more than 10 descriptor tags for each track. You might want to research effective industry keywords that are frequently used to describe a track for a TV/Film spot (i.e. Blaxploitation, Vintage, Dramedy etc)

    Hope that helps you!



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    Oh snap! What an answer…straight from the source. Thanks a ton! That about answers it for me, and somewhat what I figured. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t watering down my searchability. Thank you also for the industry terms. Big tip and much appreciated. Thanks for your time answering.

    *Big thumbs up to Art too for creating this platform for such Q&A. Thanks to you both.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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