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    Hey Everyone,

    Hope all is well in your world during this unpredictable, challenging time. For the 1st time ever I have someone reaching out by message on a popular RF site many of us have music on. I wasn’t sure how to entertain this opportunity as the track this client is referencing is on several RF sites as well as various NE libraries. I wouldn’t think I could offer up exclusive rights for what she is asking for. Not even sure how to respond which is why I am posting it here. If anyone has had a similar experience please feel free to chime in. TIA for any advice.


    Hi, I have been working on a rap album about my journey of mental illness and psychosis. I have fallen in love with your track. Only recently did I learn about the “Cleared for Sampling” tab and realize I don’t have the permissions with the Standard License to release the song. I thought I would see if there was any possibility to make a deal with you to secure the track for this album. I feel the sound was crucial to the tone, and would be crushed to lose it.

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    i had a similar incident on a track in a beat store with exclusivity inquiry, it was too much of a hassle to take them down on all the libs (the beat store had an ext ver though), although the offer was substantial. we ended up making a deal for a new track similar (and i think better) to the desired….doesnt hurt to ask

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    Thanks @boinkeee2000. I was thinking along those same lines too. I might try that.

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    I was approached by an advertising agency who had downloaded a track from P5 and used it in a commercial. They then wanted something exclusive and bespoke for another client. If you can work out a deal and all parties are happy go for it !

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    Composer Of Notes

    You don’t need to take down the song. Do a direct license with the guy for like $3000. Explain that it is non-exclusive. If he’s “in love” with song then he’ll agree.

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