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    Mark Lewis

    >Do you have an ETA or even a wild guess at your development schedule?

    I would like to get it done within 3 months but I imagine it will be more like 6.

    >oops, maybe I have gone too far now but who knows what future brings

    I think you might be over-thinking this a bit Andrej.
    Lots of people still have that very old fashioned notion about websites where they believe “if I build it they will come”. It takes a lot more than just throwing up a website, no matter how well designed, to get customers to find it and then to take their credit card out of their pocket and purchase your music.
    Being a composer myself I originally started PIR to try and help other composers get their music out there in front of people who need music. Now that I have spent 10 years developing a system that is pretty good at doing that I think it would now be cool to share that system with other composers so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel just get their music available on their own website.
    Not looking to disrupt any industries here Andrej, just trying to help out 😉

    >a great option for composers who has already got some clients they work with…



    1) What size catalog do you think is necessary to make a viable option? 2) how much variety should the catalog have?

    If the site is used in the way Kenny has described above then any size/variety is viable. If your customer already knows he wants to license a piece of music from you then you can simply send him a link and you’re done.

    3) is it manageable for one (or two) people without taking away too much composing time?

    In regards to this proposed system yes, definitely. I would include all of the features that I have created over the last 10 years that make ML manageable for me on a daily basis.

    Things like
    – FAQ/Contact system that automatically answers common questions before the user has a chance to send you an email.
    – If a customer wasn’t able to download in the checkout process for some reason there is a one click system in the admin to send a new download link via email
    – Foolproof checkout so there are almost no failed downloads or payments.
    – Easy upload system via media bin or bulk upload via csv
    – Easy song management with block, delete, update details, etc
    – RSS feeds for new music additions that can automatically populate your twitter and facebook feeds with links to your latest uploads
    – If you have the publisher’s edition and have to pay lots of composers that is all done automatically via paypal (It now takes me 3 minutes to pay 150 composers where it used to take 2 days)
    – Automatic newsletter signup in checkout.
    – Automatic MP3 preview watermarking

    btw- I recently hired our first employee here in Barcelona and among other things he is training to do the ML music approvals. The only part of ML that has got to the point where I cannot handle it alone is the music approvals. 500 songs every two weeks are being uploaded at this point.
    Jordi is doing a great job at approving the new tracks and I’m sure current ML composers will be very happy to hear that I’ve hired someone to take on that part of the job.

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    Thanks Art and Mark for your replies.





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    This seems very interesting, I haven’t a clue about the technicalities but I assume a Mac mini server, or similar, would be all the hardware you would need. I would definitely be interested

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    Mark Lewis

    Hi Denis, yes the idea would be if that you can run a WordPress blog on your server you will be able to run the basic install of this music licensing software as well. Some of the more advanced features may need installation of special software libraries though.

    Another cool thing about this system is that it will come with basic support.
    I am going in direct partnership with my programmer on this project and he will be providing installation support to our customers and basic answering of questions for any problems that may arise.
    A much better solution than coming directly to me for tech support I think 🙂

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    I guess I’m confused. This came up a few months ago in this thread and when some vendors chimed in to talk about their products (including one that I personally invited to respond to a question) the posts were deleted and the vendors given the bum’s rush. Have the rules changed? Are commercial vendors now allowed to discuss their product development and solicit business in the forums?

    There’s a LOT of activity going on in this space right now, and a lot of what you folks on this thread are looking for is available right now. Might be a good way to see if your business model is viable before investing big bucks.

    But, is this type of discussion allowed, or not? Can’t figure it out.

    Doug R. (library producer from the evil empire)

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    Fair enough Doug. I won’t post anything more about this. My apologies.


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    Art Munson

    the posts were deleted and the vendors given the bum’s rush…

    But, is this type of discussion allowed, or not? Can’t figure it out.

    Well, yes and no and I plead guilty for not being consistent. It generally works on my relationships with such vendors and their willingness to be a part of the MLR community. Mark from ML has been involved here almost from the beginning and consistently stays involved. Michael Borges from LicenseQuote has had less involvement but I’ve talked with him on the phone a number of times and he’s been very helpful with specific questions I have had. A number of sites using LicenseQuote are fairly successful and for some composers it’s a great solution, it’s particularly slick when you get into the API calls.

    Other vendors tend to jump in when their only intent is to try and sell a product. I try to ask them to get involved and if not, at least take out an ad (my ad rates are very reasonable). They always go away so I question their motives. BTW I have checked out most of them and, along with the experience of building my own site, find they are expensive or found wanting in some other way.

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    Art Munson

    Fair enough Doug. I won’t post anything more about this. My apologies.

    Please keep posting Mark. It sounds like a great product and I encourage you to keep us all informed!

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    Please keep posting Mark. It sounds like a great product and I encourage you to do so!


    Mark…you’re a vital part of this community,  who has provided composers with many opportunities, through MusicLoops/PIR and offered valuable insight to composers on how to succeed in this business. You’ve been a more active participant on this forum than many libraries, and have given far more than you are potentially asking in return for your product.



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    “There’s a LOT of activity going on in this space right now, and a lot of what you folks on this thread are looking for is available right now.”

    Hi Doug, can you post links or names of services you’ve found that are providing these solutions? The basic idea is an installable package that is hosted on a composer’s server for a one-time fee (no monthly fees). Like a wordpress blog except for music licensing.

    I have been doing extensive searches for a solution and have found a few but they were more geared towards photos/video with audio being more of an afterthought.
    I experimented with one I purchased from
    and have been using it for the ‘free background video’ section of the PIR site that I created a few months ago
    it is a great system, synchs with S3 buckets, great bulk uploading, auto previews, etc and after using this system I thought to myself that musicians need something exactly like this except designed for specifically for audio instead of video and photos.
    I have been looking at other solutions which all have their merits like
    – From what I’ve learned in this thread Youlicense offers a self hosting solution which costs a monthly fee?
    – Soundcloud has a pretty cool solution except that it goes through Getty images? Might be ok though. I like that you can just pop a soundcloud player into your own site that has a license button next to each song title in the player.
    – I found one wordpress ecommerce plugin that could handle audio but it would have taken far more work to get what I wanted out of it rather than just doing it myself. I was really surprised by the lack of audio/ecommerce plugins for wordpress. Maybe I missed something?

    Seriously, I am totally my own customer in this case, if I could find a software package that I could pay a one time fee for (no monthly fees) and could easily install on my server and start using right away then I would just buy it and wouldn’t even consider trying to do this project.

    Would love to see an overview of the different players in the space that you mentioned already having these solutions Doug.

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