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    Has anyone had much experience of creating loops for libraries?

    I’ve noticed that some libraries sell loops. And, as drums are actually my main instrument, I could knock out a fair amount of very high quality drum loops.

    Just wondering if there’s much of a market for it.


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    Mark Lewis

    Drum loops are a completely different market. You would be looking at sites that sell to composers and music producers rather than people looking for music that they can drop into their projects.
    For example the people who visit MLR would be your target customer.

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    Okay, it’s just that I noticed that libraries like Audiosparx sell loops, and vendors can sell them there so I just wondered if anyone had any experience of doing that.

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    Mark Lewis

    Yes, any library that sells sound effects will probably have drum loops as well, like AS and P5. Our sound effects site sells drum loops as well.
    But strict music libraries really have no use for them.

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    I briefly met a guy a few years ago who sold loops to a DAW developer. I think it was Propellerhead (makers of Reason). I think he told me he got about $30-$40 per loop, but I could be mistaken.

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