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    I finished an album for a library
    And the said me that they sign the contracts AFTER the album is released…cause they had bad experiences signing the before the release cause sometimes titles where wrong
    So they had to make them again

    Sound very weird to me
    Cause I have never sign a contract after the release
    Actually they are taking more risk than me
    Cause if anything bad happens and I dont sign the contract
    They would be selling unauthorize material!

    Anybody with a good or bad experience with this kind of policy?

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    Art Munson


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    Hi art
    Ehat do you mean by saying


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    Art Munson

    What do you mean by saying

    Pushes topic to the top. Better chance of response.

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    Its digital release, not a physical one I assume. The question is how long after delivery are they going to release it ?

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    Thanks woodsdenis
    I have all ready gave them the master tracks
    And they say me that just few days after the release they send the contract

    They have al ready send me a draft of the contract that says that also phisical copies could be released
    I told them about some changes of the draft that i would need (the price of the upfront fee)

    But thats is all the information i have

    Looks wierd to sign a contract a few days after the release
    The contracts are made to be aware and safe of future issues

    Art, i dont know how to push the topic to the top!

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    I would have thought it is more normal to have contracts signed before release, but if its only a few days difference IDK. I am not a lawyer, however if MichaelL wants to comment on this one.

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    Yes, for sure the common way is to sign before the release!
    For 10 years…i had make it this way and never had a problem

    You sign
    They pay
    They release

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    Normally, you would not begin work in the absence of a contract.

    Have you already been paid?

    At the moment, you are worrying about something that may, or may not, be a problem.

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    Jose Baudrand

    Thanks Michael

    I start working with out signing anything…
    Just emails where the agreement was writed..

    I finished the work
    I send the master tracks
    And I havnt being paid yet
    (Not cause they are late, just cause I finished yesterday)

    So, I think if the policy of the company
    Is to sign the contract after release the album (cause they say that manu times the titles of the tracks or albums are wrong…)
    I should be paid before the release

    And in that case, there would be not a huge problem for me to do it that way

    What do you think about offering that?

    Sign the contract after the release BUT be paid before the release…

    Thanks Michael!

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