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    You should have been paid on delivery of the music or on final approval of the music.

    The concern that I have is that without a contract there’s still an opportunity for them to reject your tracks (rather than ask for modifications) and to not pay you, to drag out paying you because you’ve already delivered, or to somehow change the terms in the final agreement.

    I have signed contracts after delivery when the titles were finalized, BUT I was paid in advance. Under that circumstance, I was under obligation to deliver. Here, it’s reversed. You’ve delivered and the library should be under obligation to pay you. Without a contract, however, it’s just a matter of trust.

    If they’ve been around a long time and have a solid reputation this could just be an idiosyncrasy in their procedure.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Michael

    They have just told me that they are gonna pay me in 10 days
    They have respond me every email and they are in this web page
    I trust in them

    I guess they do some things under their own policys

    Thanks for everything
    I will inform in this post how is the end of the story


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    Gael MacGregor

    Jose, I suggest that in the future:

    1. Get a signed deal memo that spells out the bare bones of what you will provide, how much you will be paid, and timetables.

    2. Make sure the contract spells put your payment schedule; my suggestion is 50% upon signing the contract (which should be done before one note of music is composed, and 50% upon delivery. If writing a work-for-hire film score it is usually 50% up front, 25% upon delivery of tracks, and 25% upon delivery of all info necessary for the music supervisor to complete the cue sheets.

    3. DO NOT DELIVER the music without finalized, signed, fully executed contracts AND final monies in hand.

    I’ve been doing this too long to proceed with anything without written contract and down payment in hand.

    All the best,

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    Gael MacGregor

    Sorry for the squirrely autocorrects. I couldn’t get back into the post to edit them. ?

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    Art Munson

    Fixed it for you Gael. Editing is good for 60 minutes but you have to be logged in.

    Thanks for responding!

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    Thanks Gael!!! very good advices!!! Best J

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    I have the exact same problem (maybe the same library?). Can you tell me josebaudrand if everything worked out ok for you with this library?

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    hi romiromi
    im specting to be paid these days
    it has being a long wait
    but im shure they will do it
    if not
    i will write here for shure

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    Thanks for the feedback Jose. Just got an email with the same response about title mistakes in contracts etc so i assume we are talking about the same labrary. Should be much better to get the contract accurate first, strange…

    On oktober 10 you said you should be paid in 10 days but you still are not paid yet?

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