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    Hi folks,
    just wanted to get your thoughts on a contract I have been offered on a couple of my tracks.
    Library seems to be very active (offering genre based albums) and the owner is a successful writer himself. I am keen to get into it. Library is transitioning to exclusive but owner has agreed to sign my submitted tracks Nonex which I am pleased about (they are already signed Nonex to another library), all subsequent new signings would have to be exclusive.
    The Nonex contract he sent me looks straightforward to me with a 50/50 split on sync and back end but the document does not name the tracks that have been selected (although he confirmed which ones he wants in his reply). When I asked about this his reply was as follows:

    Signing the agreement doesn’t effect what tracks that I want to use — it’s just basically an agreement with my library stating that you give me permission to include your music in the catalog — that is music that we both mutually agree on. So once you sign it, you can submit tracks whenever.

    The owner seems a straight up guy but my question is whether any of you have come across a similar arrangement and does it sound ok? (BTW he has already told me any signed tracks will be retitled by mutual agreement)
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    I have had contracts like that which say that it covers any material you submit to them and they accept. So yes, contracts like that are out there. Ideally, I prefer the Schedule A route so it’s better documented. It’s a good idea to keep records yourself.

    As far as the legal pros and cons, you’d have to ask an attorney. My own take is contracts are are mainly as good as the people behind them. MichealL might have some thoughts.


    Thanks Advice for your reply.
    The owner did mention there would follow a schedule A so I guess that will be after the tracks have been retitled,
    I was just unclear whether the schedule A would be only for any exclusive tracks I submit in the future.
    If you have seen similar agreements then it sounds fine to me. I guess every library has a different working method.
    Cheers. JD

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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