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    Hello everyone,I would like to start this thread where we can post sugestions and ideas for music library owners.

    I was considering for some time if to go into this or not ,like who am I to know and sugest, as I have been  in this library thing only for seven or eight years earning an irregular modest income, but in the  end I plucked up the currage as hopefully my post contributes to make life easier for me and everyone else involved in this music library bussines.
    Please forgive my shortcomings as to my english as it is not my native language.

    I start here with a couple of my sugestions of my own

    Now here is something of an idea which I don’t claim to be mine and might be already used by certain libraries to their advantage(although so far I do not know of any).
    This idea would hopefully help to rank better tracks or better configured tracks up in the library tracks indexes or lists.(I hope I use good terms here)

    The idea is add a system of track ranking not by number of listens,hits or plays as I see common in many libraries and stock music sites, but by the lenght
    of listening time or accumulated listening time of a certain track.

    Now how this translates into practice.

    Client looks for a track, he comes across track A  (average track) he listens for couple of seconds, he doesn`t like it he moves on listens to other track
    track B (great track) which he likes much better and listens for two whole minutes even considers to license it,
    but still is not exactly what he is looking for and moves on.

    Now both of this tracks have a play,hit or listen and suppose raise in rank equally.The average track and the great track, now what would
    happen in case of ranking by lenght of listen, track A (average one) which was only listened for couple of seconds would start to fall behind in the rank
    and track B (great one) which was listened for two whole minutes would climb up in the list.

    This would hopefully benefit the good composers or let’s say composers of the good tracks and the music libary also as the great tracks would not stay burried away  in the library index.  Who would not benefit from this is perhaps the composer of the average track (but even then he could because this way he would strive to write better tracks or become a pizzamaker)

    This system might also be relevant regarding well configured tracks versus incorrectly configured ones.

    My next sugestion is regarding limiting to a certain extent track   discriptions,keywords and tag words number.

    I think that too many keyword options, lots of space for descriptions and tags favours a ”talented configurators” which are not always a talented composers.
    This way the average tracks of a talented configurators get more exposure then the excellent tracks of a talented composers
    who unfortunately are not a good at configurations.

    Also I suspect that too much configurations time  discurages potential talented composers to upoad to these sites if the configurations is not their forte.

    Well I have other humble sugestions and ideas that I will be posting on if this thread picks up and I encourage others to chip in with and ideas and sugestions
    of their own ,because who knows it might be of great help to us all in the end.

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    Also I forgot to mention that any commentaries and opinions would be welcome.

    I would be really curious especially concerning my first sugestion, if there could be any practical advantages of such a system , if there some libraries which use it  etc.

    Thank you

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    I am the CEO of the music library Apollo Live. I think you bring up an interesting topic. We actually already work with a ranking system in our search system, but we are carefull with it. Deciding whether a track is useful a not is a very subjective matter… and who should judge? Me, the clients or other composers?

    When we hear from several people that they find an album to be of extraordinary quality and interest, we tend to upgrade it in the search. However we also factor in other parameters such as number of client downloads and the date the track was added. We adjust these parameters to give the clients the best search experience.

    Best regards
    Daniel Käfer

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    The music need to fit the picture. It can be the worst sounding and low quality track but still fit the picture.

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