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    Art Munson


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    Hmm Curious… Why would a streaming service want to buy a production company?

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    It looks like Spotify is trying to expand their artist ecosystem by leveraging Soundbetter to get more involved on the front end of the creative cycle. Soundbetter hooks up clients with musical talent which is a good thing for artists if it works. Question I have: WHO are the clients? I’m not aware of who utilizes Soundbetter for their projects… anybody have more insight on this?

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    Chuck it’s a cool service. If you write a song a need a great singer, you have two choices:
    1. work with who you already know
    2. Go to sound better and browse/ audition vocalists for your song

    Same is true for any session musician. If you need an amazing drummer (for example) on your track, you will probably find someone great on Sound Better.

    Why did Spotify buy it? Great question….I guess they see it as opportunity to skim more royalties (session fees) from musicians. Sound Better is just a middle man (sigh again) in between musicians and their money.

    We desperately need a “death to middlemen” disruptive business model that we can all support and just rid ourselves of these people who are always in between us, and our money. They always seem to get their hands on the money before we do.

    Hopefully one day, there will be a business model where we actually can collect all the sync fee money first without middle men in the transaction skimming from us.

    When you think about it, the artist is always last in the food chain to be paid. First to create the soundtrack and bring it to market, but unfortunately, always last to be paid and far too often, not paid at all (Look at SCRIPPS) makes me want to vomit every time I see a tunesat detection. Thousands of air plays of my music on SCRIPPS TV SHOWS, yet no money for me. Only the greedy publisher gets to pocket that money.

    I recently called a publisher out and said “hey man I hope you are enjoying all those blanket fees your’e charging scripps…they sure do like to use a lot of my music. You get paid but I don’t so enjoy the extra gravy on me.”

    He said “well as soon as the editors of those shows move on to a better job at another network, they’ll remember you and use your stuff again.” So I guess I can take comfort that SCRIPPS acts as “exposure” for me. No money, but I am “exposed” to editors who may get a new job down the line. LOL!

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