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    Hi All,
    I am currently member of my local pro here in the Netherlands (BUMA) but I want to make a switch to BMI. Most of the libraries I work with are in the US, so it makes sense to join a US pro. I currently have registrations in both ASCAP and BMI. My local pro collect the royalties from those registrations through my IPI number.

    My question is do I keep my current IPI number if I make the switch to BMI? So they are takeover my current registrations? Also what happens to the registrations at ASCAP. Does BMI then collect from ASCAP or do I have to make new registrations ar BMI.



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    Sorry, I can’t answer your questions. But I want to ask, is it legal to be registered with both PRO on the same territory? I mean BMI and ASCAP. PRS talked me that I can be registered just with one PRO.

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    The libraries registered them with Ascap and BMI for their publisher share, each of these libraries has their associated PRO, some BMI some Ascap and he has to register them with Buma in Holland for his composer share. Each has his own IPI. If his music is played mostly in USA it makes sense to leave Buma to get the royalties quicker. Dont forget mechanical rights though, Buma covers them and in USA only Sesac does. Also remember that publishers are allowed to have multiple memberships, composers don’t.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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